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Jun 12, 2019

What ending support means is that they will not be doing security Updates or Fixes for certain products listed herein.

The GOOD NEWS is you may not have to get a new PC, or Server, IF your old one meets the minimum requirement’s for Windows 10. The Operating Systems, including IOS, “End of Life” dates are listed below. Also, if you have Windows 10 and have had your updates being applied automatically as released you most likely have nothing to do except check the version. If you have a Windows Version before Windows 10 you may have issues with Drivers and Program Integration.

This is important news for our Medical Clientele and those in the industry as the “End of Life” will mean no more security updates and a loss of HIPAA Compliance.


MacOS can be upgraded as well on some items. We can look at them on a case by case to see if they meet the requirements.

To check what version of Windows you are on click on the Windows Icon and type winver.

This is the “End of Life” dates as we have them as of today;

Windows 7 all versions will end on Jan 14, 2020

Windows 10 versions

                Version 1709 will end on April 9, 2019

                Version 1803 will end on November 12, 2019

                Version 1809 will end on April 14, 2020

Windows server versions

Version 2008R will end on April 14, 2020

Mac OS not being supported are

MacOS Sierra 10.12 will end on Sept. 2019


Please call us at 863-676-3465 or Lakeland at 863-220-9587 if you need any help with checking what OS you have, upgrading, or getting a new PC.


Kohl & Company CPA’s