About Our Firm

Kohl & Company has been in the business of helping individuals and businesses with their accounting needs for many years. Our unique marriage of public accounting, business management, and management consultation combines with our technical expertise to ensure that your business has the tools it needs to succeed. Among the many services we offer are accounting and bookkeeping expertise, full-featured tax planning, management consultation, and software training.




Accounting / Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and bookkeeping are the backbone to any business’ long term financial survival. Being able to identify cash flows can help you make better business decisions. With our unique processes, our team of certified accountants will collaborate with you to ensure that your business is going in the direction you want it to. We can design a set of services that is tailored to your needs, offering advice that will help you grow your business to the next step. Let us help you with:


  • Budgeting
  • Payroll
  • Remote CFO Services
  • Financial Reporting

Tax Preparation & Planning

Just because tax time is inevitable doesn’t mean it must be unpleasant. The key to minimizing your tax burden is through aggressive preparation and planning throughout the year. However, our full suite of services doesn’t just include a one-time plan. Clients of Kohl & Company are encouraged to use multiple tax planning sessions throughout the year to make sure your tax plan adjusts with your changing financial situation. Make sure that your money is constantly working for you. We offer several strategies including:


  • Utilizing Charitable Contributions to Reduce Tax Burdens
  • Capital Loss Harvesting
  • Ensuring Retirement Plan Contributions Work for You
  • Timing of Capital Purchases
  • Multiple Year Strategies to Offset Tax Burdens

Management Consulting

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for ten years or ten days, sometimes everyone can use an outside perspective to help their business flourish. Our team of management consultants are trained to take a hard look at your current business model and suggest creative and innovative ways to help you. Whether you need assistance in scaling your business to the next level through an adaptive strategy or can use a fresh set of eyes to help see the new possibilities on your horizon, Kohl & Company are there to help. Among the areas that we can help are:


  • Buying and Selling Your Business
  • Creating Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Asset Protection Consultation
  • Bankruptcy Planning

Estate Planning & Probate Assistance

Estate planning can seem like an overly complex and morbid task, but it can make a difference to the loved ones you leave behind. With our guidance, we can help you plan for your end-of-life moments, from designing a will to drafting a health care proxy and durable power of attorney document.

The key to estate planning lies in maximizing what you leave for your heirs. Federal estate and gift taxes have exemption limits, allowing you to transfer assets to your heirs while you are still alive. This allows you to minimize your tax burden, with more of your current assets remaining in the hands of those you wish.



Quickbooks / Peachtree

Accounting software comes in many flavors, from Peachtree to QuickBooks. These software suites allow you to take control of your business finances, offering ways for you to manage your business payments and bills. No matter what software solution you choose, there is a learning curve involved in getting the most out of them. Our team has extensive experience in nearly every accounting software suite in existence, and we can help you and your accounting team get up to speed quickly and efficiently. We can help you integrate your existing accounting solutions into your new chosen software. Let us help you with:


  • Training Sessions on your Schedule
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Refresher Training
  • Account Integration

Technology Implementation

Technology has become part of nearly every business in the world. Having an internet presence is nearly mandatory for your business’ survival. Our firm has the experience and know-how to ensure that your business can take advantage of these new technologies. However, with new technology comes new challenges. When you need to integrate these new revenue streams into your business model, our team can help. Whether it’s training or account integration, Kohl & Company has the expertise to ensure your business succeeds in its new ventures.


  • Cloud-Based Services Implementation
  • Remote Log in and Real-Time Help with Software Solutions
  • Revenue Stream Integration

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