Business Tax: Do You Want to Expense Your Assets?

Business Tax: Do You Want to Expense Your Assets Consider the Section 179, or De minimis safe harbor Election to Expense Assets

IRS Announces New Per Diem Rates For Taxpayers Who Travel For Business

Business travelers have a lot of expenses to keep up with from hotels to taxis to tips. To keep things simple, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows the use of per diem (Latin meaning "for each day") rates. Per diem rates are the equivalent of a fixed amount paid to employees to compensate for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses incurred when traveling on business rather than using actual expenses. These rates are also used for federal income tax purposes.

IRS Offers Help to Hurricane Victims

A Recap of Key Tax Relief Provisions Available Following Harvey, Irma and Maria. The Internal Revenue Service today offered a rundown of key tax relief that has been made available to victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.


Over the next few decades, the Gen X and Millennial generations will be the recipients of one of the greatest wealth transfers in history. A portion of that will be in the form of IRAs from their parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

Why delaying Social Security claiming makes sense ... Where is Break-even...

It's widely considered one of the best investments a near-retiree can make – delaying the start of Social Security benefits to 66 or 70 instead of 62. The delay provides a guaranteed investment gain by increasing the benefit 8 percent a year, a return that in most cases can only be matched by taking much greater risks on stocks.


Equifax is one of the largest credit reporting agencies in America, which makes an announcement the company just issued particularly disconcerting. An authorized third party gained access to Equifax data on as many as 143 million Americans. That's nearly half the population of the United States as of the last census.

FDEP Drafts Priority Focus Area for Blue Springs Basin Action Management Plan

FDEP has prepared a draft delineation of the Priority Focus Area (PFA) for the Volusia Blue Spring and Spring Run Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP). Restoration to include all area in the BMAP area, but PFA boundary will be focus for 5-year targets.